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The CA du Toit Group of Companies is managed by the following directors:
Coert Slabbert

Director CA du Toit Western Cape
Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 20020251)
B.Eng (Stell) M.Eng (Stell) MSAIEE
Wehan Wessels

Director CA du Toit Western Cape
Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 20020121)
B.Eng. (Stell) (Electric and Electronic) SAIEE
Dawid Bester

Director CA du Toit Eastern Cape
Pr.Eng. (Reg.No. 860006)
B.Eng.(Stell) MSAIEE
Willie Heesen

Managing Director CA du Toit
Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 810446)
André Erasmus

Director CA du Toit
Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 890041)
B.Eng.(Elec) (Pta)
Frans Schimper

Director CA du Toit
Pr.Eng (Reg No. 20100081)
B.Eng Mechanical (UP)
Alex Durham

Director CA du Toit Vaal
Pr. Tech. Eng. (Reg No. 9140172)
National Diploma Electrical T4
Pierre Fourie

Director CA du Toit
Pr. Tech Eng. (Reg No. 200970208)
Nat.Eng.Dipl. MSAIEE, MCET
The following retired CA du Toit directors are acting as Consultants to the Group:
Pieter Conradie

Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 702795)
B.Sc.B.Eng.(Stell) MILESA
Flip Bornman

Government Certificate of Competency (Mines and Works) MSAIEE
Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 750553)
B.Sc.Eng.(Elec) (UP); HBA (PU)
Frans du Toit

Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 740206)
B.Sc.Eng.(Hons) (Pta)
Hein Grobler

Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 703041)
B.Sc.Eng.(Pta); Nat.Eng.Dipl.
Gerrit Jordaan

Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 691456)
B.Sc.Eng.(Pta); Cert.Eng.(Factories)